The Graphoskop

The Graphoskop Telescopes have been widely used in Europe for over 50 years. These telescopes are reconditioned units that have a very aesthetically pleasing design & can complement many locations. This traditionally includes seafront promenades, marinas, castles as well as private use on patios.

These telescopes have mainly come from our own operation and are sold as reconditioned machines. The bases are of steel construction that are either originals that we refurbish – strip down, fully galvanised and spray painted or brand new ones that we have manufactured. The telescope heads are made of aluminium & are stripped down & spray painted in a colour of your choice.

The optics are either supplied as the original focusable 15 x 60 optics or we can replace them with a brand new fixed focus optic.

  • These are fabulous looking reconditioned machines.
  • Coin operated, non-coin operated or donation slot.
  • If coin operated they are supplied with 20p/50p coin mechanisms which give multiple options for standard or extended viewing.
  • Light aluminium heads can easily be removed daily if necessary or for winter storage.
  • Telescope can be powder coated in a colour of your choice from our normal colour range – Ultra Marine Blue, Black, Moss Green, Gun metal Grey.
  • Other colours available at additional cost.
  • Fitted with either original 15 x 60 focusable optics or can be supplied with fixed focus 10 x 50 or 12 x 50 optics
    Other optical strengths are available.
  • External fixing points on outside of stand.
  • Head can be easily removed for Winter storage if desired.
  • Approx height to eyepiece – 1450mm
  • Some bases are new and some are reconditioned. If you decide on this telescope we can discuss the best option for you.

Additional extras
Fully galvanised Child stand
Winter cap
Wooden Winter Head storage / transport box
Heavy Duty Winter PVC Cover with eyelets & locking point
Donations slot & bespoke signage