Bespoke Services

We offer a bespoke design and build service. As manufacturers, our telescopes can be adapted to suit your requirements.
We have been involved in many different projects – including:

The Monument

The Monument – City of London
We designed the bespoke small stainless steel audio scopes & operate these for The Monument.

Pic 7

London Heathrow Airport
Bespoke non coin operated telescopes for a restaurant area at London Heathrow Airport

Pic 9 - Triscope  viewer1

Triscope Viewer
Bespoke telescope with additional optical tubes with 3 superimposed views taken during the last century.

Art Projects

Caren Hartley

Caren Hartley
View Point 2011, commissioned by Torbay Council and situated on Torquay’s busy harbour, forms part of the area’s regeneration project.

The piece is based in form on a traditional tourist telescope. Providing a strong link to Torquay’s touristique hey day and a collective nostalgia. The view itself, focused on the inner harbour, re-introduces some historical features to the scene. Caren hired one of our telescopes & used it to mould this bronze telescope.

Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock
Invisible Flock bought & rented a number of telescopes for their commissioned project Sea of Voices based along Brighton Seafront. The interactive experience included a 2.7 mile walk involving listening to App / MP3 recordings, looking through a variety of telescopes & sending messages out to a buoy at sea which would convert them into a Morse code light message.

Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts
Alex purchased this telescopes to insert a pen on acetate image inside to be viewed at her exhibition.

mill dome

Millennium Dome
We were commissioned to produce bright pink 3D viewers.


The Rotary Club
Supplied a coin operated fountain as a unique fund raising idea.