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Talking Telescope


Tourist Telescopes developed & produced the world leading Talking Telescope. These telescopes have become the bedrock of our own operation as they offer versatility for us in different markets & venues.

These exciting telescopes provide an interpretation of the view beyond the capabilities of other normal telescopes and therefore provide a far greater return. With the versatility of being able to provide commentaries in different languages they open up new options for foreign visitors to gain knowledge about the views.

We have installed versions of this telescope in many of the U.K.'s top tourist attractions as well as castles, zoos, museums, historic houses and of course the traditional seafront promenades.

  • These robust telescopes are fully galvanised and powder coated to top EU standards to provide longevity and are built to last
  • The telescopes are operated using long life rechargeable batteries so can be sited anywhere
  • The coin mechanisms take multiple coins & can have an extended view option to increase your vend price opportunity
  • They can be programmed to accept most foreign currency
  • Multiple commentaries or foreign languages can be provided
  • The telescopes are easy to maintain with 'plug & play' components
  • The telescope has a substantial built in child stand
  • Available as wheelchair accessible