Tourist Telescopes are the leaders in the U.K. coin operated telescope industry. Our top of the range Talking Telescopes are a must for major tourist attractions and viewpoints. We also offer a comprehensive range of other coin operated telescopes or free view telescopes, that can provide an important visitor amenity and raise additional revenue for your site.


Tourist Telescopes

What ever your requirement Tourist Telescopes can supply your telescopes.

In some circumstances we can supply telescopes to visitor attractions FREE OF CHARGE as we work on a revenue share basis with the venue meaning no capital outlay.

We also offer sales and rental options with maintenance contracts if required and work in partnership with our customers to provide the right equipment for their site.

We can provide a bespoke design and build service for any fabricated product. For example we designed the mini stainless steel telescopes for The Monument in London, produced 3D viewers for the Millennium Dome and a coin operated fountain for the Rotary Club.

We have extensive experience as the leading operators and suppliers within the leisure industry.

Why use us?

Although other companies may offer alternative telescopes they only import telescopes into the country.

We however have the experience of having designed our own telescopes, of operating throughout the UK in many different sites & venues but most importantly we have engineers available to deal with any issues you may encounter on site, as well as at our dedicated workshops for maintenance & servicing. No other telescope supplier in the UK can give you this level of on going support.

Every customer and site will have individual and distinctive requirements. Therefore we like to offer help and advice to all our customers to ensure the appropriate equipment is recommended to maximise your return, within your budget.

If our equipment does not meet the exact requirements for your venue, we can develop a solution to satisfy you.