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WW2 Binoculars

German WW2 Flak Binoculars


Used by Luftwaffe Flak Artillery ground crews these Zeiss Binoculars were primarily positioned on German concrete towers or flak towers and used for spotting and identifying enemy aircraft. They have excellent optics which also proved useful on the battlefield for tactical observation and from the outset of the war were used in many locations by the German Army.

We have two beautifully presented examples that have been professionally stripped and serviced before being hand polished and mounted either on a 1950's Carl Zeiss oak & brass tripod or a quality stainless steel tripod. Both tripods are fully adjustable.

These unusual set of binoculars, manufactured by Zeiss bearing the marker of 'lmq 12 x 60' , indicating that they were made by Carl Zeiss in Jena, Germany.

One is fitted with the original adjustable and variable eye shades for use in all daytime and darker light conditions and have the later war style rain shield (helpful for eyeglass wearers too), as well as convertible barrel, for additional night/ day usage as well as switch led filter for viewing in direct sunlight. They have exceptional optics with the 12 indicating the degree of magnification and the 60 indicating the 6 cm optic width.

Engineered to exacting standards these pieces are both excellent for viewing as well as making a fabulous focal statement.

Specification: Binocular 22cm high , 47cm long , 45cm wide, stand adjustable from 130cm to 180cm.

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